Search for loans with Easy ID approval

Loan money with Easy ID easily and straightforward online. The Easy ID solution has in many ways revolutionized the banking world and the loan market in Denmark. So much so that almost all online providers use digital signatures for the signing of the loan agreement. Easy ID is faster, easier and more secure.

Belial gives you an overview of the popular and leading online loan providers that you should consider.

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Apply for loans with Easy ID approval

Apply for loans with Easy ID approval

There are many good benefits and features of the Easy ID solution, it will certainly be the future method of signing loan agreements online. We have gradually become accustomed to Easy ID after spending that many years in the online bank or at Loan and Credit.

We have become comfortable with it and therefore it is only good that you can now sign online loans with Easy ID . Because it allows you to have the money in your account at best within a few days. No waiting for the mail or trouble getting the loan documents back and forth. Now everything can be done digitally with the digital signature. More and more providers have therefore chosen to integrate it into their solution.

The latest example of this is Denmark’s new lending companies Good Finance Loans and Good Credit Private Loans, which only accept customers who have a digital signature. The benefits go both ways as the customer gets a faster application process and the company gets less bureaucratic hassle.

All the newest providers on the market have all integrated Easy ID into their concept and we believe it is only a matter of time before all companies on the web use this solution. Especially as you as a consumer become more and more used to managing your cases digitally.

Swap loans with Easy ID

Swap loans with Easy ID

  • Search and get answers within 15 min

It is important to distinguish between quick loans and consumer loans with Easy ID. With one solution, you go for a short-term maturity of up to 30 days, where you can expect both quick answers and quick payouts. This means the money can be in your account shortly.

Most providers have standardized their systems so that you actually get answers seconds and minutes after applying. This makes it easy and simple to find out who can help you and partly at what interest rate. It is just free for new customers only and otherwise it may be included in high credit costs. So do it wisely. You are also limited to being able to apply between USD 100 and USD 4,000 as a new customer, as well as up to USD 10.00 as an existing customer.

Consumer loans with Easy ID

  • Search and get answers within 1-3 business days

Consumer loans with Easy ID are for those who want more money over a longer term. You can choose maturities up to 180 months online and amounts from USD 5,000 – 400,000. This gives you a wide range of options as a consumer. Almost no matter what or who you choose, you will have the opportunity to sign with your Easy ID.

The process will typically be such that you receive an email after you have applied and they have evaluated your application. If the answer is positive, the loan agreement will be ready for you on their website. Here you can log in and read the agreement through which it can be digitally signed via the key card. It’s just important that you remember the signature is 100% valid, so think carefully before signing.

If you choose to borrow money with Easy ID online, you can expect response times within 1-3 business days. Some already answer you after an hour, while others take a little longer. You should not take care of this, as those with the longest response times are often among the cheapest and most serious providers.

Can I apply despite RKI?

It is not possible to borrow money despite RKI registration, Easy ID or not. No companies accept applications from poor payers and here the application process and choice of provider make no difference. Your primary goal should be to manage your debt and current creditors.

You do this by forming an overview and investigating who placed you in the RKI or the Debtor Register. You can then contact various creditors for a chat about the possibilities. Start a dialogue with them, it typically rewards. At the same time, it gives you the opportunity to make a payment arrangement with those your finances can carry. Loans with Easy ID despite RKI are not possible in Denmark.

Is my Easy ID authentication valid, like my handwriting?

Is my Easy ID authentication valid, like my handwriting?

One of the most widespread questions is whether Easy ID approval is legally valid, at the same level as one’s handwriting. The short answer is YES. Your digital signature is considered to be at least as valid as your physical signature and it is actually far more secure. For what do you think is easiest to copy – one’s handwriting or one’s Easy ID user, code AND key card?

There are many advantages to the digital signature, but one of the brilliant things is that the signature is divided into 2 parts. You must have both the login and the key card before you can use it for anything. It is not without reason that the Easy ID signature is now also used for approval of annual reports and accounts, in business contexts. It says everything about both the validity and the level of security.

It is for the same reason that all online providers now offer Easy ID loans, because everything else is a thing of the past.

Easy ID is safe and fast

It is not only the practical element that makes Easy ID a good solution for signatures. They are an extremely safe solution that is very personal and hard to break down for anyone. Especially because each login or signature is associated with one number code on the Easy ID card. A card ONLY you have. It is no coincidence that all the country’s banks have used the digital signature for many years. It’s just a more flexible and secure solution for you as a borrower and consumer.