Loan money for new Xbox, Nintendo Wii or Playstation

Need money to buy the new Xbox, Nintendo Wii or Playstation? You may be missing the money for Christmas or your boy will have a birthday soon and the console will have to be purchased now.

There can be countless reasons why you are seeking a smaller loan for a new Nintendo, Playstation or Xbox. On the web, companies do not interfere with the purpose and here you can easily apply for small loan amounts of USD 2,000 – 4,000.

Borrow up to 4,000 free


Valid only for 30 days

Providers like Good Finance and Loan and Credit are generous to new customers. Here you can have the money for 30 days and if you pay back on time, it will not cost you a penny. Perfect for those who just have short term liquidity problems.

Almost no matter which game console you choose to buy, 4,000 dollar will suffice for most. In fact, you are so lucky that, as a new customer, you can borrow that amount for free and without interest online.

If you need the money for more than 30 days, you can easily apply for loans online with maturities of 1-12 months, depending on your needs. Here your costs will just get bigger as it is not free.

But it is clear that, for example, if you lack money for a new computer, then $ 3-4,000 is rarely enough. At least not if it is to be a top model.

Here, the purchase price can quickly reach a level of USD 7-10,000. To see who can help you with this, you can go to our listings.

Which game console should I choose?

Which game console should I choose?

Now to the very big question, which game console to choose? Be it the new slim Playstation or the popular Xbox model.

A lot can be written about it, but basically it’s both good consoles. The Nintendo Wii, on the other hand, is different and a more “active” gaming console. So if you love being active while playing, dancing or singing, this should be your first choice.

On the review page of Alatest , they have rated all the popular gaming consoles on the market and given them a score based on price, ease of use, size, design etc. Check out their reviews so you can easily find your favorite model.

All models are different and we each have our preferences so it will be the best way to make the right decision.